Who we are

Diva Bootcamp is a year round outdoor fitness program for women in RVA and surrounding areas.

Fitness is a way of life, a journey, not a destination measured by numbers on a scale or clothing sizes.

Diva Bootcamp is a challenging fitness program without the drill sergeant attitude. Diva Bootcamp offers women the opportunity to get in shape, maintain a fit and active lifestyle while enjoying the camaraderie and support of other like minded women. Come experience a body positive workout program that will push you mentally and physically in a supportive atmosphere.

You don’t have to be an elite athlete or already in shape to join our program, simply an interest in getting fit and enjoying the outdoors.

We are women who love the outdoors and pushing ourselves while enjoying the camaraderie and accountability afforded to us by like minded women. Walkers, marathon runners, yoga students, doctors, stay at home moms, lawyers, and educators all come together to revel in the glory of seeing all that our bodies can do for us. We are in our 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s and we are active and loving life.


A great way to start my day.... making my body stronger and feeding my soul with fresh air and friendships!
--Mary Beth

You'll be hard pressed to go back to working out indoors after you get hooked on Diva. Through Diva I've made lifelong friends, maintained the best fitness level of my life and discovered that I love exercising outdoors especially in the winter months!

Diva Boot Camp changed my life in so many positive ways! Not only do I get a structured workout that has kept me fit, I have made great friends who support each other every step of the way. I get myself out of bed each morning at 5:30 by telling myself I get to go outside and play with my friends!
--Vicky H.

Diva is the best way to start my mornings! The feeling of community and the friends I have made are so much more powerful than a gym membership. There's nothing like starting off the day enjoying the outdoors with friends!
--Carter Morrison

Kiara works hard to bring us great structured and diverse workouts. She cares about and gives personal attention to each person and their needs. Plus, it's hard but so much fun!

Diva morning workouts are the best part of my day. The instruction is wonderful and the variety of workouts is the reason I come back morning after morning.